Where can I download the latest version of Apex Launcher?
You can get Apex Launcher at the Google Play Store. If you’re interested in beta releases, you can visit the Apex XDA thread for downloads and instructions. Once Apex Launcher is installed, you can choose to be automatically notified of new versions when they’re released.
Which versions of Android does Apex Launcher support?
Apex Launcher is available on devices running Android 4.x and up.
Does Apex Launcher work on tablets?
Yes! Apex Launcher is designed to be user friendly on both phones and tablets.
Can I try out Apex Launcher while I have other launchers installed?
Yes. Apex Launcher is a home replacement app, so you won’t lose access to the stock launcher or any other launcher on your device by installing Apex. If you want to switch back to a different launcher, just go to ‘Advanced Settings’ on your device and tap ‘Set default launcher’.
Where can I edit settings for Apex Launcher?
Press the menu button in the top right corner of the app drawer and tap ‘Apex Settings’. For faster access, you can also add Apex actions to your desktop or set up homescreen gestures (e.g., swipe up/down to open settings.)
How can I create folders on my home screen?
Just drag and drop an icon onto another icon to create a folder. Done!
I can't see icon labels on my homescreen. What can I do?
First, please check your homescreen settings to make sure the ‘Hide icon labels’ option is turned off. Note that icon labels are automatically hidden when there isn’t enough space on your home screen to display them because you are in landscape mode, or because you have too many rows of icons. To avoid icons being automatically hidden, change your grid size to have fewer number of rows for your homescreen.
Can I hide apps in Apex Launcher?
Yes, you may choose to hide any app that you don’t want to see in the launcher. Just go to Apex drawer settings and select hidden apps. Once an app is hidden, you won’t see it in your app drawer and you may come back and unhide it later.
Where should I report bugs?
Please report bugs by sending us an email at support@apexlauncher.com. Screenshots and steps to reproduce the bug are also appreciated.
How can I request new features for Apex Launcher?
Please visit the Apex UserVoice page to suggest/vote for new features.
Can I create my own themes for Apex Launcher?
Absolutely. You’re welcome to design your own themes and publish them on the Google Play Store. Please read the Apex Launcher Theme Tutorial for instructions.
I purchased and installed Apex Launcher Pro from the Play Store, but I'm still getting the free version. What's wrong?
First, please make sure that you are running an official release of Apex Launcher with version v1.1.0 or above. The pro version unlocker from the Play Store will not work with modded/themed versions. Also, please restart Apex Launcher (‘Apex settings > Restart Apex Launcher’) and see if that solves the issue. If you’re still having issues, please contact us with your Google order information for support.
I would like to see Apex Launcher in my native language. Can you add support for my language?
Yes, but we need your help translating! Please visit the Apex Crowdin profile to help us translate to your language.
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